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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf

Iran Policy Focus

Tarsem King

Remarks attributed to the UN's top diplomat in Iraq have handed Tehran a propaganda coup by suggesting Camp Ashraf dissidents want to return to Iran, writes a member of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom

In 1942, in the middle of World War Two, a well-intentioned senior European diplomat went to meet a top Gestapo general to discuss the fate of thousands of Jews who had fled Nazi occupation to seek refuge in a neighbouring country. After the meeting, the general announced that the diplomat had told him that a large number of the Jews had become weary of being away from their motherland and were looking forward to going back to the "warmth" of their country – even under Nazi rule.

Nima Sharif
Is Ambassador Kobler Helping Iraq to build a Concentration Camp? The high dreams of Iranian people and families of residents of Ashraf, to see a peaceful resolution for the dreadful crisis at Camp Ashraf is coming to a disappointing  closure as the so-called Camp Liberty, that was expected to be an intermediary location for the residents to stop by before their refugee status is confirmed and they are transferred to host countries, is turning out to be more of a concentration camp built by Iraqis to gather around the members of the main Iranian opposition movement before they are slaughtered or returned to the mullahs regime in chains.

Original Published January 26, 2012 | FoxNews.com

Governor Tom Ridge

Several years ago, a political leader from the war torn country of Lebanon observed that in his part of the world it is better to be respected than liked.

When it comes to Iran, the U.S. is neither.

On the contrary, Iran's leadership is hateful and disdainful of Western values and the United States. President Obama, time is running out. It is time to act unilaterally and decisively, and publicly support the democratic opposition in Iran.