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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf

Tahar Boumedra – New York, Message to United Nations

What has been reported to people behind me in the building is falsified. It is time for them, it is time for the UN if they want to restore their integrity, their credibility, it is time for them to say words of justice to Ashrafis. It is time for them to do something to save them from what they have been through and it is time to commit to what have been promised.


They have been promised a lot of things. Nothing has happened. Nothing has been achieved. So, it is time for the Ashrafis to have those who misled them to be accountable. They have been misled. They have been betrayed. Those people who misled them and betrayed them must be held accountable.

The life of the last 8 people who died in camp Liberty is on the hand of people in this building. They must be held accountable and they must restore credibility and integrity of the UN. But as long as Ashraf issue is dealt with through falsified reports, there will be problems ahead and it is time for the UN to hear my voice.

I requested repeatedly a commission of inquiry to look into what I have said publicly at different occasions. If they keep quiet, that means they are part of this process that has led into commission of crime against humanity. They must be held accountable and they must be stopped from doing these things and spending tax payers’ money.

I address these words. I address these words to the members of Security Council who are listening a false report today. The report that is going to be presented to them all based on allegation, all based on presumption of guilt of the Ashrafis, all based on presumption that the Ashrafis are terrorist, even though they have been cleared by all courts of law that have been in front of us. All courts of law in the US and Europe cleared these people and yet people in this building still believe they are terrorist and they are dealing with them as such.

So, it is time to stop this process and restore the integrity of the UN by launching this inquiry and hold those who misled the international community accountable.

I thank you very much.